The points are determined by the votes of the components of the jury and are out of hundred. That will determine the awarding of the following prizes and diplomas:

• 95-100 points – diploma of first prize
• 90-94,99 points – diploma of second prize
• 85-89,99 points – diploma of third prize

All the participants will receive a certificate of participation. If two participants receive the same number of points, the prize will be split up with them. The best ranked candidates in each category receive monetary awards.



First prize: € 300



First prize: € 500



First prize: “City of Radovljica” € 1.500
Second prize: “Filippo Trevisan” € 1.000
Third prize: “La Casa de Kamna” € 500


Special prize for the performance of the Ibero American piece € 200

Special prize for the most promising pianist € 200

Special prize: the possibility to attend Piano Master Class in Radovljica