Rules of the Piano Competition

Art.1. The 2nd Radovljica International Piano Competition will take place beetwen October 27th to October 31st 2020  at the Music School Radovljica.


Art 2. The competition is divided into three Age Categories:

Junior category  A: up to 11 years (born from 1st January 2009)

Junior category B: up to 14 years (born from 1st January 2006)
Young category: up to 18 years (born from 1st January 2002)
Major category: up to 24 years (born from 1st January 1996)


Contestants can perform in a higher category under the condition that they apply for that category.


Art 3. The parents of underage applicants must confirm the applicants’ participation with their signed statement. 


Art 4. The deadline for receiving the applications is  October 10th, 2020.


Art 5. The date of contestant's application will be considered.


Art 6. The whole repertoire must be played by memory and repetitions are not mandatory. The jury will listen to the contestants' whole programme and has the right to stop the performance if the candidate exceeds the prescribed time limit.


Art 7. When applying, competitors are requested to submit the original printed score of the Ibero American compulsory piece chosen.


Art 8. The schedule of the performances is determined by the initial letter of the participant’s surname, the first person will be determined by the organization of the competition.

Art 9. The results will be announced at the end of the performances in each category.

Art 10. The organization will provide the contestants with pianos for rehearsal according to the schedule, which will be set in advance.


Art 11. After the official announcement of results, a final concert by the winners will take place. The prize winners are obliged to perform at the winners' concert otherwise they lose their prizes.


Art 12. All money prizes are subject to tax under Slovenian taxation laws.


Art 13. The costs of accommodation, meals and transportation are to be paid by participants themselves.


Art 14. In case of cancellation, entry fees are non-refundable.


Art 15. The competition is public.


Art 16. Only the final winners’ concert can be recorded or taped. All materials will be used solely with the purpose of promoting the 1st Radovljica International Piano Competition.


Art 17. The repertoire of the final concert will be chosen by the jury.


Art 18. The jury will consist of 5 members, who are all internationally acclaimed artists and teachers. 


Art 19. A jury member must abstain from voting in case of a teaching relationship or kinship with a candidate.

Art 20. The jury’s decisions regarding participants assessments and the final concert are final.


Art 21. By registering, the competitor confirms that he accepts the conditions of the competition.


Art 22. Organizers reserve the right to make any changes if necesary.


Art 23. All doubts regarding these rules will be resolved on the basis of the English text. Any disputes will be subject to the Slovenian law.